I was thrilled to represent the Space Cowboys at Gratitude NYC‘s and Evolver NYC‘s co-production of Axis Mundi,  a burner-style warehouse rave in an abandoned soy sauce factory on the Southwest side of Brooklyn on October 4th. Axis Mundi was a massive, first-rate production featuring scores of talented artists, performers and DJs from around the East Coast Burning Man community. It reminded me very much of Ghost Ship in her early days and much like Ghost Ship, the production was heavily reliant on the kindness and generosity of volunteers. My sincere thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make Axis Mundi so special. Big thanks to my gracious hosts, Tim and Anna Schumacher, and to Gratitude NYC co-founder and executive producer, Drew Meeks, for bringing me out to Brooklyn and making me feel so welcome.

This is the recording of my set from the Atlantean Stage that night. I hope you like.

Track List.

1. I-95 (AshRock 305 Remix) – Jubilee
2. Chin Check (FTW Booty Mix) – NWA
3. Simon Says (Ms Raw As You Like Edit) – Ying n Yang
4. Lets Go (For The Win Remix) – Beatslappaz
5. The Horn Dance (Original Mix) – COMBO! & Boot Action
6. Phat Kidz – Bass Face
7. Turn Up (Synthetic Hype & King Perogie Remix) – Shunda K, KL2, Losbabii
8. Cool (Afrojack Remix Meets Merlyn’s Ice Cold Edit) – Spencer & Hill
9. Pull Up! (Original Mix) – Flip5ide, Bangor
10. Holla Back (Tony Quattro Edit) – Rod Lee
11. The Come Up (Original Mix) – DJ Icey, DJ Ark
12. Ghetto Stomp (Original Mix) – DJ Hero
13. Talk (Tony Quattro Remix) – Wuki
14. Doggy Style – Sticky Bumps & The Juice Squad vs. Snoop, Common & Tupac
15. Disco Nap (Merlyn’s Subs In The Disco Edit) – A-Trak feat. Oliver
16. Takin It Back (Baby Anne Rerub) – Henry Fong

17. Chocolate Puma (Icey Rerub)
18. Tropkillas – Dat Booty (Phat Kidz Edit)
19. The Riot (Baby Anne Remix) – Heavygrinder
20. On My Drink feat. Vice Royale (Merlyn’s Drunk In Wynwood Remix) – R.O.A.R., Vice Royale



Photo Credit: Tim Schumacher


  1. dj moonbat

    October 8, 2014 (18:41) Reply

    Great stuff. Closes especially well.

    • Zach Moore

      October 9, 2014 (06:18) Reply

      DJ Moonbat, so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. dj moonbat

    October 9, 2014 (07:20) Reply

    So, I spent like an hour trying to find the “Dat Booty” edit by Phat Kidz (easily the best breakbeat record I’ve heard in months), but that record doesn’t appear to exist. Do you know whether it’s ever going to be released?

    • Zach Moore

      October 9, 2014 (11:42) Reply

      Yeah, that’s an unreleased booty that Nikki of the Phat Kidz was kind enough to send me. Great track. Give Nikki a follow on SoundCloud and reach out to him. Maybe he can hook you up.

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