DEDR Pool Party

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DogEatDog Records is back again with BroKen Beat Rooftop closing day festivities for MMW with some of the best artist in the World.

Brought to you by #DEDR & Dozier featuring the breakbeat stylings of:

DJ Icey – Zone
Colombo – iBreaks – Spain – Exclusive MMW/WMC Performance
Keith MacKenzie & DJ Fixx – DogEatDog Records – illeven eleven recordings
Agent K & Bella w/ TT THE ARTIST DogEatDog Records Digital Records
Seth Vogt – #DEDR | M-Toxin Recordings | iBreaks
Supernaut – Zone | #DEDR
JimiTheGenius & Merlyn – #DEDR | Kuad Recordings
Mutantbreakz – Spain
Si-Dog – DogEatDog Records
Phat Kidz – DogEatDog Records
Bradley Drop – DogEatDog Records
Proxxy & Lantern – Mass Transit D.C
Dustin Dynasty Nelson – DogEatDog Records
Freq Boutique – DogEatDog Records
DJ Zach Moore – The Armory Podcast
Rob Analyze – #DEDR | Jamvana
DJ Matrix NLP & C-Future – N L P – Next Level Productions
Rogue Planet – DogEatDog Records
Robotic & Skinner w/ SOLTEK | Bass Records 808 Life
Jdub – Cognitive Music
Jason Brown- FSOB
Dozier & SKITCH – FSOB l 357 Style
Geebo – Cognitive Music
Kemper – DogEatDog Records
Divine Theoryon Records
Tom Pettit – DogEatDog Records
Pimp Squad – Funky Flavor Music
Navitas – N L P – Next Level Productions
Cliff The Head

GoGo performances by Reign

Two areas of Reinforced Sound | DEDR Vending by Amy Marie

Multimedia by Brian Miller Photo & Affinity Productions

Congress Hotel Rooftop 11am to 3am