Armory Podcast 128.
DJ Ark

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    DJ Ark
The Armory Podcast - 128
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With a project that has been months in the making, DJ Ark returns with his first full length mix since last appearing on The Armory Podcast to close out 2014. Ark has been very busy since and has come back to the show fully loaded with a very large arsenal of his own edits and mash ups. These tracks have gained quite the support from the largest names in the breakbeat industry in recent months. DJ Icey has been their biggest advocate and many of these tracks have become a staple in his sets. They have gotten an amazing crowd response in every city that they have been played in. But they have also been played by the likes of Krafty Kuts, Baby Anne, Keith Mackenzie, Marten Horger, Deekline, Agent K & Bella, & DJ Hero all across the world. They have appeared on Automatic Static, The Smashcast and the latest KMFX illeven eleven mixtape among many others.

Now it’s time for Ark to take the decks himself. This guest mix features 14 of his own edits and is also loaded with exclusive material from start to finish from the likes of DJ Icey and Krafty Kuts. Quite a few of these tracks are premiering for the first time ever outside of a live setting. 

DJ Ark hails from Tampa, FL and is signed to Zone Records & illeven eleven. Ark has been a consistent presence within the Florida breaks scene for some time. This year brought the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the legendary DJ Icey on two original singles for Zone. Both of those singles “The Come Up” and “Empire” reached the top 5 of Beatport Breaks. In the past his remixes & rerubs have also gotten played worldwide on Sirius & BBC Radio with major support by the likes of DJ Icey, Krafty Kuts, Stanton Warriors, Keith Mackenzie, Baby Anne, Marten Horger, DJ Hero & Lady Waks. Since starting this journey which began long ago on internet radio, he has brought the bass to nearly every club in his hometown and been blessed with the opportunity to travel to cities like Chicago, Miami, Charleston & Charlotte.

Influenced highly by the works of Icey, Ark is constantly on the lookout throughout all genres of electronic music for the best tracks to add more bounce to. DJ Arks passion for music runs extremely deep and it’s that passion that has always allowed him to be ahead of the game. His obsessive dedication to keep with the times really shows in his productions and live sets. Never one to let a big track pass him by, you really are in for a show when he’s on the decks. His greatest love is to bring the energy to the dance floor and take crowds on a journey. He is known to have a great stage presence and is usually dancing, smiling and singing right along with you. With this ability, DJ Arks wide range of diversity and live only exclusives has consistently proven to work on even the toughest of critics. Like his high fueled live performances, the future looks to be nothing short of booming!

Artwork by Jem Panufnik